Saturday, February 12, 2011

If you come to Lima in summer time: Juice Bars!

Peru is one of the countries around the globe with a great variety of fruits of all kinds and sizes, and is in summer time when some of the richest fruits are “in season” and when you can enjoy them better, such as strawberries, tangerines, guanabanas, watermelon and many more!!

All across Peru there has always been a culture of juices, in almost every household fresh juices are prepared every day, although there is a market for boxed o bottled juices there is a habit in Peru to prepare juices at home, mostly orange, papaya, strawberry or banana juices. Also there is a habit to always have and consume fruits at home, considering that the prices of the fruits is very cheap most of the time, except for most exotic ones as Lucuma,  Chirimoya or Plum. So, inspired in this and also as a way to attract more tourist to the consumption of our fruits in a practical and fun manner, a few years ago some Juice Bars have started to appear specially in the capital of Peru, Lima, and they offer a great variety of juices mixing fruits, and also mixing fruits with cereals and other natural ingredients (honey, milk, yogurt).

The concept is almost the same of an Starbucks coffee shop but instead of ordering coffee prepared in different ways and with different ingredients, you order juices with just one or 5 fruits all mixed if you want!! The price goes from S/.8-13 in Peru Nuevos Soles, which in dollars is between $3-6, and this is for a large cup……you won’t regret to have a taste of this yummy tropical mixes and the best thing of all is that is 100% natural and light!!!