Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enjoy a delicious ceviche!‏

If you are coming to Peru, you definitely cannot leave without trying the ceviche, maybe the most popular dish in all the Peruvian cuisine. Contrary to one everyone thinks, the fish in the ceviche is not crude, because the fish is cooked with the lemon sauce, which is really the base for the ceviche dish.

Along the coast of Peru you can find a great variety of ceviches, made with different kind of fishes (the most popular is the sole), and is usually accompanied by side dishes that complement its flavors such as sweet potato, lettuce, or corn.

For the Peruvians, specially the people who live in the coast, the ceviche is the better option for the summer time or a sunny day, and is accompanied with a really cold beer, so this mix of ceviche with beer is part of our culture, and there are also many habits with the ceviche, for example, after a night out or a good party, when you are having a kind of a hangover, it is very common that a person from lima tells you to go and have a ceviche and a cold beer to recover yourself, this is why the ceviche is also called the  “levanta muertos” or “dead lifter”.

In the capital of Peru, Lima, you can find a restaurant to eat ceviche almost every two blocks, and you can algo find ceviches inside little markets (where it is usual to say you are going to eat an “agachadito” because you are bended to eat in the bar of the little place in the market), or you can also eat a very gourmet-style ceviche in the best restaurants in the country, but either way, the ceviche is one of the better dishes to try in Peru, and don’t be afraid because everyone says is “crude” fish…………….you will love eat the second you try it!!

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