Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peruvian food: eat a delicious "Pollo a la brasa"

The "pollo a la brasa", also known as "Peruvian chicken" in the United States, and "Charcoal Chicken" in Australia, is a common dish of peruvian cuisine, and one of the most consumed in Peru, along with Ceviche and Chifa. The dish originated in the city of Lima, the capital of Peru, aorund the 1950's.

Particularly in Lima, you can find a place to eat Pollo a la Brasa almost every 3 blocks, and the variety of prices and the type of restaurants is huge, because you can find restaurants where a quarter of chicken with fries and salad is about 6 soles (about $2), or you can also fin other places where the same portion is about 20 soles or more!
The chicken is prepared first macerating the chicken with a special sauce that is made with soy, a bit of beer, pepper, garlic and vinegar, and then the chickens are cooked in a big charcoal oven, where the temperature is appromimately 380 ºF.

In restaurants, the chicken is regularly accompanied with fries (made of peruvian yellow potato) and a regular salad with lettuce, tomato and avocado. To drink, 99% of peruvians will tell you that with the "Pollo a la brasa" they always drink a cold Inka Kola, which is the most popular soda in Peru!

The "Pollo a la brasa" is so popular in Peru that a lot of restaurants offer the delivery service, and when you wald down the streets of Lima, for example, you see more motorcycles that are deliverying this chicken than other motorcycles deliveryng other fast food as pizza or burguers.

Also, there are some restaurants that have improved the original recipe of the "Pollo a la brasa", sometimes making it a sandwich of "Pollo a la brasa" or other times mixing the sauce with other traditional peruvian sauces, such as the "Anticucho" sauce (I will post about anticuchos soon!)

So, If you come to Peru, you have no cannot flyback to your country if you have not tried this so-peruvian dish!!! And, if you happen to be in New York or Shangai, there are already some franchises of restaurants that make "Pollo a la brasa" there, such as the "Pardo's Chicken"

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