Saturday, May 14, 2011

PerĂº Visits Peru: Peru Brand Documentary

Last week the official video for the “Peru brand” campaign was launched and it certainly made more than one person cry, and not only Peruvians. The video was originally intended for Peruvians, to send a message that each and every one of us, as Peruvians are ambassadors of the Peru brand and should promote it whenever we are, and just feel proud and happy to be Peruvians.
The video was recorded in the city of Peru, in Nebraska, USA, and the idea behind it is “from Peruvians to Peruvians”, to share with them all the culture, gastronomy, music and much more from Peru, South America, and to also learn from them their culture, in a very rich giving and receiving experience. The documentary is officially sponsored by the government of Peru, so in the first stage of the project all the respective permissions had to be asked at the government level, but later came the most difficult part, to win the attention of the residents of Peru, Nebraska so that they would want to participate in the project also. For the documentary, a group of “ambassadors” from Peru traveled to Nebraska, and they were all very famous and admired persons in Peru, such as Gaston Acurio, a Peruvian Chef that has won many international recognitions and that has franchises of his restaurants in over 10 countries, or Sofia Mulanovich, the world champion in feminine surfing.

This ambassadors were the ones that at first, when they just arrived in Nebraska found a bit of indifference from the residents of Peru, Nebraska, because they were just a bunch of strangers that suddenly arrived making noise and bringing all kind of weird stuff, but bit by bit just gained the confidence of residents, and could share with them all the samples they brought from Peru.

The video has been the topic of discussion since launched and everyone has said the felt really touched by it, with a great feeling of pride and love for its own country, wanting to do all that is shown in the video at once, immediately after the video is finished:  eat a ceviche, dane “Peru negro” play the guinea pig game, drink “Inka Kola” and much more………and of course, for those who are not Peruvians and who have not yet come to Peru, or have not known everything there is to know here, after seeing the video they have started making plans to come here!!!!

So…what are you waiting??? Come visit Peru!!
Just watch the video here: