Saturday, December 4, 2010

Visit Arequipa: The White City

The city of Arequipa, which is located in the southern region of Peru is just where the Misti volcano ends, this is why you can have a great view of the Misti almost from any point in the city. Arequipa is located at 7,700 feet above the sea level, so it is located in the mountain region of Peru. The Misti is the main volcano but Arequipa is really sorrounded by many volcanos, and in one of these volcanos is where the famous mummy "La momia Juanita" was found.

Aerquipa in kown as the "white city" because of the color of the ashlar, which is Peru is know as "sillar" and is a volcanic rock, with which the great temples that exist in the city were built, such as the temple "La compañia" and the "Santa Catalina" temple. The beaty of the city, together with its special light and its landscapes really touch the visitots to this great city.

Arequipa is also know as the city with the "eternal bluw sky" because of its grat weather, with sun in more than 300 days in a year and is never too hot but neither too cold so its just perfect!

Near to the city of Arequipa is also located the Colca Canyon, which is really very popular and almost every person that comes to Arequipa also visit the Colca, for its great view and also to see the great Condors...I will make a special post dedicated just to the Colca because is just worthy of it!

When it comes to food in Arequipa, this is where the great "picanterias" of Peru are from, and are known as this because of its distinguised "picante" or spicy Arequipa you can eat a delicious "Rocoto Relleno" which is a kind of chili stuffed with meat and other species, or you can also try a great "Chupe de Camarones" which is a soup with really big and delicious shrimps, or for example you can also have an "Ocopa Arequipeña" which is made of potatoes with a thick souce made of species that are typical from Arequipa............

There is just so much to know here in Arequipa and I think you will need at least 3 or 4 days just in this city to discover its great beauty.....there are flights from the city of Lima, the capital every day and more that once in a day so it is very accesible and because is one of the most popular cities in Peru there are lots of hotels and a great variety of options!!! Hope you come soon!!

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