Sunday, December 5, 2010

Come visit Peru's Amazonas area: Iquitos!

Iquitos is in the Amazonas region of Peru, and is the capital of the vast department of Loreto, which covers most of the northern region of Peru. For tourists, Iquitos iffers a great selection of activities not found wlsewhere in Peru, such as boat rides in the Amazonas river, and great wildlife viewing.

Iquitos is a big city considering all the wildlife sorrounding it, but it is unreachable by road, so the main mean of entrance is by plane but it is also reachable by boat. If you are coming from another country just to visit Iquitos, what the majority of the people do is take a plane to Lima and inmediately take a plane to Iquitos, because there a flights everyday, or you can also spend the night or a couple of days in Lima and then go to Iquitos!!

Iquitos and Amazon river are ideal places for lovers of the eco-tourism, and also for the ones who want to feel an intimate contact woth the virgin nature of the Amazon forests. From the city of Iquitos you will be able to go to jungle lodges, and for the most adventurous and fearless you can arrive to pars and natural reservations, with exuberant flora and fauna!!

Just to give you an idea of the animals that you can see in Iquitos: there is a great variety of beautiful butterflies, anacondas, all kinds of parrots, jaguars, and much more!

Near to Iquitos city exists a zoological park of the Amazonian fauna, spas and resorts in "cochas" (lagoons). Almost in the same city you will be able to visit Belen, the peruvian Venice, where you can see the floating houses in the river, or go for a walk by the pier and observe the mightiest river in the world, the Amazon river.

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