Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Visit Tumbes and its beaches!‏

In the department of Tumbes, in the north of Peru, you can find different eco-systems such as estuaries and mangroves, the dry equatorial forest (Cerros de Amotape National Park) and the Pacific tropical forest (Reserved Zone of Tumbes). More than 30% of the territory has been declared natural protected areas.

Its closeness to the Equator makes the beaches of Tumbes ideal places for surfing, diving, fishing, or simply for the people searching for fun and sun in summer. Punta Sal is thought to be one of the best beaches in Peru because of its white sand and rich marine life. The Zorritos cove is famous for its tranquil water and wide variety of fish.

If you are young and are looking for fun nightlife, don’t really care much for tranquility or relaxing, just partying a lot when the sun goes down, you should go to Mancora which is a very popular beach among young people, and is really in Piura, but almost in the limit with Tumbes.......there you can find a great variety of hotels and get to know other people from many nations, beside the locals from Tumbes.

The weather in Tumbes is semi tropical, with a average temperature of 24ºC, so you can really come in any time of the year and will find nice weather, besides the water level of the sea is not cold at all! There are flights to Tumbes every day from Lima, and many times a day, or if you’d also like to make a road trip you can take a bus or rent a car and go through the Panamericana highway and also enjoy a few stops in Chiclayo or Trujillo, beautiful cities and with beaches as well!!!


To the north of Tumbes, you come across Puerto Pizarro, well known for its islands and for its American crocodile farms, a species unique to Peru and one in danger of being extinct. This is also a city where you find large amounts of black scallops and crabs, the basis for an exquisite local cuisine.

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