Sunday, December 5, 2010

Have a yummy "Suspiro a la limeña"

The word "suspiro" means sigh in spanish, and it was called like this when it was first created because "its taste was soft and sweet just as a woman's sigh", and of course, the second part "a la limeña" is just because the dessert is from Lima, the capital of Peru, so it is a very peruvian dessert.

The base for the elaboration of this dessert is the "manjar blanco", which is known as "dulce de leche" in other parts of South America, and is a very sweet sauce made from milk, and first came to South America from Spain. In the top of the dessert there is always the very traditional "merengue", which is made with eggs and sugar and is very very delicate and soft, just like foam.

This dessert is really really sweet, this in why in the majority of restaurants where you can find a Suspiro in Lima and in Peru in general the portions are small because it is really too much sweet to eat like a bigger size of it!! This dessert is popular in any season of the year and is always present in the menus of the restaurants of traditional food, you should not leave Lima without trying it!!

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