Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi everyone! I just created this blog because I want to share to everyone the beautiful places and all the culture and good food that my amazing country has, so that if you were considering coming to visit Peru you are well informed about everything that there is to know here and return to your country very pleased, and if you are in the group that didn´t know much about what there is to know from Peru you can take a look and discover all its wonders and I guarantee that after you find out all the tourism you can do around here you will be dying to come here as soon as you can!

I know that when we think about Peru and about tourism the first thing that come to everyone’s mind is Machu Picchu, the great fortress in Cuzco made by the Incas, but let me tell you there is A LOT to visit and know in Peru, besides the landscapes and the great legacy we have from the Incas and the other cultures previous to he incas, Peru is also very recognized because of the great food and its great variety........I will try to give you all the information I can get so that you come prepared and you can afford to know a lot because there are so many things that many tourists return to their country regreting they didn't get a chance to know more...........


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