Saturday, September 10, 2011

Food in Peru: Arroz con Pato, the best of the northern cuisine‏!

One of the most distinctive dishes in Peruvian food is from the north coast, the “Arroz con Pato” or, literally translated, “Rice with duck”……………what is special about this dish? Its unique flavor that comes mostly from the species used to cook the rice, but also the way the duck is cook and the accompaniment to the plate, which is most of the times the traditional “salsa criolla” or creole sauce, or sometimes also the “Huancaina sauce”.

The dish is specifically from the Lambayeque region in Peru, where there is one of the most developed and popular cities among the coast: Chiclayo. That is why the dish is also known as “Arroz con pato a la chiclayana” which is just the way to say the dish is made “like in Chiclayo”.

The rice is prepared with butter, salt, garlic, and some pepper, but from where it takes its green color and also its great taste and fragrance is from the coriander, a herb that is very much used in Peruvian cuisine. The duck is also cooked with this mix and it is poured with some beer just to get a bit of its fragrance.

When you come to Peru, and you don’t have the chance to visit the north (which I highly recommend because of its great beaches and culture) you can still try this dish in many restaurants in Lima! One of the best restaurants is the “Fiesta”, which is originally from Chiclayo but you can also find it in Lima.

So….what are you waiting to try this sample of the great Peruvian Cuisine?

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